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The Short of It

  • Cultural Director, New York Irish Center

  • Caffeinated moto-addict

  • words for hire

  • Experienced copy & line editor

  • rejoyce!

The Long of It

Stephen Long has been writing creatively since high school, emboldened by a supportive teacher and intrigued by the power of storytelling. The first short story of any consequence he wrote was about upended expectations: the death of his grandfather. It wasn't particularly good. But it ignited a spark.​

He went on to earn a BA in English Literature at the University of Scranton (and an incidental minor in History!), ultimately getting a poem published in Espirt, the university’s literary journal. After graduation, Stephen worked for notable Irish historian Cormac O’Malley, transcribing revolutionary Irishman Ernie O’Malley’s journals, and took his lumps as Culture Editor for a female-centric blog. Soon after, he was hired at American Iron Magazine as assistant editor, eventually rising to Associate Editor. For over five years, Stephen edited over 800 feature stories, wrote over over 200 features, reviews, and press releases, and helped transform and develop the digital arm of an industry stalwart.

Stephen is now the Director of Arts & Culture at the New York Irish Center, where and his colleagues continue to deliver innovative and engaging cultural programming in a rapidly changing landscape.

Stephen never lost sight of his first love: storytelling. He understands that the only way to write well is to work through empathy and understanding, and that’s why he founded Long Story Media.

Storytelling is humankind’s oldest tradition. Long Story Media remains steadfast in its mission on bringing your story to the world. When we know someone else's story and work to understand it, to understand them, only then does their story start to make sense. Long Story Media applies this to professional storytelling, listening and probing to fully understand the sense who you are, why you do what you do, and how you see yourself in the world.

Let's tell your story.

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