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  • Stephen Long

Transfer Is Available, Esprit Spring 2014

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

A look back at my first poem, published in the University of Scranton's Spring 2014 edition of its literary journal, Esprit.

Transfer is Available

Alloy-plated cars ca-clunkalong rails.

Greased wheels churn direct current, howl through tunnels,

Pump the blood of the city through veins.

Above, epidermal streets remain vain.

Thwap! Suddenly bright, impressioned faces. Rale

Of voices bleat out a cacophony. Again in the tunnel,

Blue hue from screens reflects in his eyes,

Connected within the connection. Sparks

Flash pale blue on graffitied walls, bubble

Letters speak from the depths. A burst bubble,

Chewing gum shakes my lull. The culprit eyes

Me eyeing her. I dart my eyes to a spark.

She chews cow-like, plays a scratch-off.

“I won,” she says. “How much,” I ask, softly.

Her eyes remain down, fixed on the ticket,

And I feel red in the quiet car, no ticket

To her celebration. She laughs softly.

Now I see the Bluetooth spark, I’ll just get off.

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